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Standard Northwest Hive

Standard Northwest Hive

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Please note that due to peak season & demand it will be several weeks before the Advanced Hive Cover are ready. If you want a new hive for your nuc arriving 4/20, we would recommend a telescoping lid. Thank you.

This hive is identical to our Advanced Northwest Hive but uses standard grade boxes instead of Premium. The hive is ready to go and has the capacity to accommodate your bees throughout the year, with room for honey if you get lucky. The hive is locally made here in our wood shop. It includes a double walled screened bottom board with sloped entrance and entrance reducer, two deep pine hive boxes for the brood chamber, and one medium honey super, a Vivaldi Board™️ with Vivaldi Screen™️ ,and either a telescoping lid or deep curved lid. An equipment starter kit can be purchased in addition. We would also recommend getting a queen excluder, as it will be very useful once you put your honey super on to prevent her laying up there.

This hive comes with fully assembled with either plastic or wood frames (with plastic foundation), both with a double coating of cappings wax. The black foundation in the brood boxes will help you find eggs, and there is white foundation in the honey super.  We also offer foundationless frames by request. 

Vivaldi Board™️: The Vivaldi Board™️ provides moisture management, insulation, and feeding options that are not available in a standard hive with an inner cover.  

Screened Bottom Board: We consider the screened bottom board an essential  tool in modern beekeeping.  It includes a plastic mite tray (sometimes called a sticky board) that provides a convenient way to count varroa mites without killing or disrupting the bees. A very robust poly-metal mite tray may be purchased separately as an upgrade.  It is less accurate than jar sampling methods, but can be done as often as you want, without harming the bees, to make up for the lower accuracy. Frequent sampling gives you a better sense of changes in mite infestation rate.

Deep Curved Lid: This Advanced Hive Cover is highly functional. It has a large interior cavity with six screened vent slots at the top. This provides plenty of space for dry feeding, liquid feeding, insulation, moisture management, and mite treatment.  


Telescoping Lid: We use a full 2” frame, a 3/8” exterior grade panel, and a heavy gauge rust-proof metal cover that is more robust then the soft aluminum that most manufacturers use.  This metal cover wraps around the wood a full 1” to provide outstanding protection.  Our wood frame is rabbet jointed, glued and stapled for great strength.  The panel is also glued and stapled to the frame. 


This hive comes assembled. We kindly ask that hives be picked up within 2 weeks of purchase. Midweek pickups can be arranged by appointment. Thank you. 

Shipping & Returns

All items aside from complete hives & honey are available for shipping.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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