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Vivaldi Board™️ with Vivaldi Screen™️

Vivaldi Board™️ with Vivaldi Screen™️

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Upper Entrance Notch
Burlap Insulation Bag

The Vivaldi Board™️  has become a key tool in managing hive temperature and moisture, and provides ample feeding opportunities. 

Invented by Hive & Garden founder John Edwards 15 years ago, the combination Vivaldi Board and Vivaldi Screen was developed to address the moisture problems of the North West. The screened vent slots provide ventilation in the hot months and mitigates moisture build-up. The Vivaldi Screen™️ enables moisture to efficiently wick moisture into the Vivaldi board by increasing the surface area of absorption. We use wood shavings in a custom burlap bag but you can also use sheep wool, cedar shavings or other natural material. You can also provide emergency winter feeding of Drivert sugar or pollen substitute directly through the screen.  We find that the bees love congregating under the Vivaldi Screen in winter because it is the warmest spot in the hive. This is a great alternative to a quilt board.

A telescoping lid may cover the ventilation slot, but this is intentional as the small gap between the lid and board still allows adequate air flow while protecting from harsh weather such as driving rain or snow. 


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We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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