Beekeeping & Symbiosis

As any experienced beekeeper will quickly tell you, the word beekeeper is a misnomer. We don't keep bees in cages or on leashes.  We have little control of their welfare; we only influence it in the hope of some reward such as honey and pollination. This symbiotic relationship can be elusive and occasionally challenging. 

Our passion at Hive & Garden is to help you navigate through the challenges and decisions of beekeeping, such as type of hive, type of honeybee, and approach to colony management.  All these decisions present a trade-off in hive management.  Our mission is to help you understand these trade-offs, and pick the type of beekeeping that feels right for you.  

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  • Mason Bees

    Interested in keeping mason bees, or already are? We have everything from cocoons, tubes, liners and houses.