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Vivaldi Screen™️

Vivaldi Screen™️

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*Does not include Vivaldi Board*

The Vivaldi Screen™️ is normally combined with the Vivaldi Board™️ (see Vivaldi Board™️ in our online store) but you can buy it separately. This allows you to make something functionally very close to a Vivaldi Board™️. To make this alternative, add a honey super on top of an inner cover, install the Vivaldi Screen™️ over the inner cover hole. Now place natural insulation on the inner cover and over the Vivaldi Screen™️.  The Vivaldi Screen™️works by increasing the surface area of moisture absorption into the natural insulation. The moisture will wick through to the top surface of the insulation. We use burlap bags filled with pine shavings (NOT sawdust) but you can also use raw sheep wool, cedar shavings or other natural material.  

You can also provide emergency winter feeding of Drivert sugar directly through the screen.  We find that the bees love congregating up in under the Vivaldi screen in winter because it is the warmest spot in the hive.

You can also stack up to four quart mayo feeder jars on the screen. Place the screen over the inner cover hole, place a deep super on the inner cover, and now you have protected space to place the jars. This method allows volume feeding without disturbing the bees to refill the feeder jars, and it does not have the robbing problems that entrance jar feeders create. 

The Standard Vivaldi Screen™️ is 9.25" X 9.25" and the Large Vivaldi Screen™️ is 13.5" X 9.25".  The larger size allows for a larger moisture absorption area and provides more room for dry feeding. However, the large size is more prone to the bees building burr comb during spring and summer.

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