• Nectar Flow

    Now that we have distributed all the packages and nucleus hives for the year, I can breath a little easier and get back to some serious beekeeping....
  • Mason Bees

    As a veteran beekeeper, I don't really put a lot of mental effort into mason bees.  This is a bit odd, because I raise thousands of them every year...
  • Thanks to the warm support. It means a lot to us

    Thanks to all of you that have shown support for our re-emerging bee store that is rising from the ashes of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. We are making...
  • We are Live!

    We are Live!   

    With the demise of Brushy Moutain Bee Farm in October in November 2018, we have been scrambling to reform the Ruhl Bee Supply store.  We don't have time to bring back the old Ruhl this season, so our first priority is to make sure you have access to local product as well as nucs, packages and queens.