• Vivaldi Board™️ Primer: Part Three

    In the Vivaldi Board™️ Primer Part Two, we discussed the management of moisture and ventilation using a Vivaldi Board™️.  In Part Three, we shift o...
  • Vivaldi Board™️ Primer: Part Two

    In the last blog, we discussed hive ventilation, moisture and feeding as key factors in a healthy hive.  Experience tells us it is the combination ...
  • Vivaldi Board™️ Primer: Part One

    Since we introduced the first Vivaldi Board ™️, it has gained wide acceptance, but there is more utility to this product than many users realize.  This 3-part blog will review the attributes of the Vivaldi Board by talking about the motivation behind the initial Vivaldi board™️ development, the ongoing improvements we have made since it was introduced, and our latest developments in the pipeline.
  • Nucleus Hive Installation

    Nucleus Hives and Heat Don’t wait.  Install the nucleus hive bees as soon as you get them home.   Nucleus hives are fully functioning small hives. ...
  • Our garden here at Hive & Garden

    We are located in the Willamette Valley in western Oregon where many nectar and pollen laden plants grow very well. Our garden is informal, but ful...
  • Oregon State Beekeepers Conference

    In the next few weeks, we will be posting a new line of hive top covers, a completely new Vivaldi board, a new bottom board with the best mite tray on the market, and a queen introduction frame that doubles as a queen sequestering frame.
  • Forage in Late Spring

     We have found that, here in the Willamette Valley, one of the better plants for honeybees in late spring and early summer is Phacelia tanacetifolia.  The bees work it well, it is easy to grow from seed in our soil, and is a good source of nectar and pollen.  
  • Nectar Flow

    Now that we have distributed all the packages and nucleus hives for the year, I can breath a little easier and get back to some serious beekeeping....
  • Mason Bees

    As a veteran beekeeper, I don't really put a lot of mental effort into mason bees.  This is a bit odd, because I raise thousands of them every year...
  • Thanks for the warm support. It means a lot to us

    Thanks to all of you that have shown support for our re-emerging bee store that is rising from the ashes of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. We are making...
  • We are Live!

    We are Live!   

    With the demise of Brushy Moutain Bee Farm in October in November 2018, we have been scrambling to reform the Ruhl Bee Supply store.  We don't have time to bring back the old Ruhl this season, so our first priority is to make sure you have access to local product as well as nucs, packages and queens.