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Nucleus ColoniesTo get started you will need your bees, which come in a nucleus colony. This is a waxed cardboard box, roughly larger than a shoe box, and contains 5 deep frames, approximately 10,000 bees and a mated queen. Generally speaking, the bees will be a hybrid race, bred by a commercial beekeeper. It is in their best interest to breed the strongest bees suitable for their climate. They typically arrive in the spring (April), and can be pre-ordered as early as December or January.

Queens: In the event your queen is killed by the colony, crushed, has exceptionally bad temper, or is not producing enough, you might need to "re-queen". This is typically done in the Spring and early Summer months. Handling and installing queens is a delicate process.

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Boxes & Frames

Hive Components


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Bee Season

Nuc Installation

Hive Splits

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Winter Hive Check & Treatment


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