• 8 frame or 10 frame? There is no right answer- mainly we would recommend an 8 frame to someone who is concerned about the weight of the hive & supers. There is less upfront cost too, but not necessarily cheaper.
  • Where should I place my hive? Which direction? Shaded?
  • Are some races of bees better or more docile than others? These days almost all bees are hybridized, which is ideal. Some have better experiences with certain races, but odds are they have a good queen, which any commercial beekeeper will tell you is more important than the race. This is our personal opinion, you are bound to find lots of differing ones. 
  • What should I feed them, and when? A 1:1 sugar: water ratio is typical, but can be altered depending on the season. They will stop taking liquid syrup during the winter months, and drivert sugar or a candy board works well. Pollen is good for the spring and provides protein, but less essential in the winter. 
  • When is the nectar flow? 
  • What should I leave them with in the winter/ how much can i take? 
  • I need to move my hive, how can I go about that?