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Uncapping Basket/Strainer (US made)

Uncapping Basket/Strainer (US made)

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This is an excellent product for the beekeeper who does not want to invest in a honey extractor. The basket hangs inside the top of a 5-gallon honey storage pail.

With this product you can uncap the honey cappings, letting them fall directly into the stainless steel basket, where it will filter into the honey storage bucket.  We have used this product many times, and we find it works well. It is able to store around three frames, so you can just uncap the frames (deeply cutting into the comb) and let the frames just stand overnight to allow the honey to drain into the storage pail.

You can also do a second pass of honey and wax removal by using a capping scratcher to tear out the honey and wax.

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Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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