Robbing Screen/Moving Screen
Robbing Screen/Moving Screen

Robbing Screen/Moving Screen

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This dual purpose screen is attached to the front of your hive to keep robbing in check.  Place it on the hive entrance in the evening, so the foragers and mating drones learn the new entrance route in the morning.  The hidden top-entrance confuses robbing bees and yellow jackets, thus breaking their robbing cycle. The lower entrance is closed when the product is used as a robbing screen. 

The stainless steel screen allows the bees front-entrance ventilation when moving a hive.  Stainless steel mesh stands up to weather better and does not have the toxic problems of cheaper products that use hot-dipped galvanized screens.  The entrance gates are made in Oregon of stainless steel.  

We also use a rustproof metal shield that covers the bee path to the entrance. This makes it harder for the robbers to learn the new entrance, and also makes it easier for the house bees to learn the new entrance due to the light contrast it creates.