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Nucleus Hive Colony 2024

Nucleus Hive Colony 2024

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Nucleus Colony (Food Optional)

We have nucleus colonies for sale.  At this time we are expecting the pick up date to be Saturday, April 27th at 8 AM. As we are dealing with livestock this is subject to change, but we will be sure and notify you via email if that happens. Please note the current price is subject to change.

Nuc Size: These five-frame colonies come in a wax coated cardboard nucleus hive box.  They are raised in Oregon, with fresh queens, from a local & highly reputable breeder.

Race: The queens in these nucleus colonies are selected by performance traits, not race. They are either hybrid Italian or hybrid Carniolan. We consider both race hybrids well suited for our climate. 

Pickup Location:  Pickups will be at our regular Saturday Store at 20328 Fernview road, and done by appointment. They will need to be picked up early (before 9am) or late (after 8:30pm) to ensure they are all still in/ have returned to the colony before we close them up. 

Optional starter food can be purchased along with your nuc. Drivert sugar (3.5lb bag) and a premium pollen patty (x1) are a great way to boost your hive as the bees settle in and begin building and foraging. 

If you want to order items to be picked up before April, we would request you place a separate order rather than purchasing them with your nuc. We will assume items ordered along with a nuc package will be picked up on nuc day in April. Also note any woodenware/hives should be picked up and painted in advance of nuc day, as installing bees in a freshly painted hive is not recommended and can be harmful to them.

All nucleus colonies are available for pickup only. We do not ship nucleus colonies. All livestock orders have a $10 cancellation fee.   We use a highly reputable breeder, but we do not guarantee livestock sales.

Please provide an email address and phone number. We do not call customers regarding nucleus hive pickup schedule, but the number is a useful backup in emergencies.  All information regarding nucleus hive pickup schedule will be provided on the website and to the email address you provide.

When picking up your bees, you are responsible for your own safety.  You will be entering agricultural property, and we encourage you to wear appropriate protective clothing.  We are not liable if you get stung.

Shipping & Returns

All items aside from complete hives & honey are available for shipping.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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