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Nasanov Swarm Lure (2-pack)

Nasanov Swarm Lure (2-pack)

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Swarming can be a major challenge for beekeepers. There isn’t always enough time to carry out swarm prevention and control measures, and often these measures are ineffective anyway.  A good alternative is to catch your swarms after they have issued. The SwarmCatcher Nasanov pheromone can help you catch swarms from your own hives, thus reducing loss of bees and honey due to swarming.

To attract swarms, use one SwarmCatcher lure in a box of drawn combs (frames). Attach a SwarmCatcher lure with a pushpin through the loop at the top of the lure to one of the frames close to the entrance of the bait box. The box should face south and have a bottom entrance. Ideally, it should be off the ground at least three feet, and should be located at least 250 feet from your apiary.  This distance is important as scout bees naturally select nest sites some distance from the parent hive.  


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