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Mason Bee Nesting Reeds (48-pack)

Mason Bee Nesting Reeds (48-pack)

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Mason bees prefer reeds over cardboard tubes or wood nesting blocks. The slight variation in size between individual reeds allows the female to pick a size of her choice, and it also encourages other native pollinators to nest. 

We think reeds are ideal for backyard mason bee nests.  They are simple, durable, and effective.  They are also re-useable if you choose clean them out each year. And they are completely recyclable.

Our natural Phragmite reeds are hand harvested, and cut to 6" length which is an optimal nesting length for mason bees. The reed hole sizes are about 8mm (size varies) approximately 6" long. At the back of the reed is a natural node that seals the back end of the reed and so prevents parasitic wasp access via the back.

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Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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