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Honey Drip Tray (10-Frame)

Honey Drip Tray (10-Frame)

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As you remove your supers,  place them  on the Drip Tray to catch the leaking honey and stop bees from getting into the frames from underneath. Place a lid on the removed super to seal it off from the bees and other bugs. This drip tray has an easily washed polymetal surface.  

You can also use the drip tray as a fume board by taping some cloth onto the polymetal panel and squirting your remover (such asFischer’s Bee Quick) onto the cloth and placing it upside down over the super to drive the bees out.

This tray also makes a great candy board. 

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All items aside from complete hives & honey are available for shipping.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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