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E-Field Guide for Hive Inspection

E-Field Guide for Hive Inspection

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This is an E-field guide written by John Edwards that helps navigate a thorough hive inspection. It comes in a PDF that is 4 pages long, and can be printed out.

The guide is broken into three parts:

-Level one is the external condition  which looks at hive condition & activity, food stores, colony morale and health, what to look for on the mite tray. 

-Level two deals with the internal inspection covering hive condition, activity & morale again, as well as hive development & health. It has more specific things to look for once working inside the hive, such as population, swarm cells, moisture ventilation and food.

Level three covers frame inspection, dealing with drone, brood, queen status and cells pests, disease and more. 

This is an Electronic Guide and you will not receive a physical copy. If you do not receive notification of the PDF, it might be in your spam folder. Please reach out if you have any issues.

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