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Butterfly House

Butterfly House

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Butterfly houses are a great addition to any garden and can help give attract them while providing a safe space from weather, predators and to overwinter. The slots in the face of the house are intended to mimic the bark on a tree, where they naturally will live.  With increasing loss of habitat, forage and change in weather patterns a safe home for them is always welcomed. They are excellent pollinators as well.

These should be placed several feet above ground and ideally near flowers that will help attract them. Facing it South is known to help them warm up on cold mornings.  The side can easily open up, where you can place some bark or small branches for them to rest on. Some people like to place old banana peels or fruit on the inside to help attract them, but as you can imagine this might also attract other insects (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

There is no guarantee on how long it might take for butterfly's to take residence or shelter, but this premium untreated cedar house still makes for an attractive addition to any garden. It can be painted with bright floral colors if desired using exterior grade paint. There is a keyhole on the back for easy hanging.

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All items aside from complete hives & honey are available for shipping.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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