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Burlap Insulation Bag

Burlap Insulation Bag

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If you are using burlap sacks in your Vivaldi Board, quilt board, or spacer shim, consider upgrading to the Burlap Insulation Bag.  Our Burlap Insulation Bag is made of new burlap and contains wood shavings. It performs much better at insulating and wicking moisture than ordinary burlap sacks.  This bag can be configured to fit both 8 & 10 frame Vivaldi boards. Without shavings and laid flat, the bag measures 25"x17.5". 

In some cases you might decide to remove some of the shavings to get a good fit in your setup.  Ideally, the bag loosely fills the space. You do not want to compress the shavings as this will reduce the insulation and wicking performance.  When winter is over, the bags can be removed and reused or they make for great smoker fuel.

The burlap bag without shavings is also available to purchase, and is half the shipping cost ($10 instead of $20).

*Vivaldi Board not included*


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Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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