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Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat Honey

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This is by far the strongest, darkest, most pungent honey we have- sometimes called "Oregon Manuka" because of its health properties and high iron content.  While tasting primarily of buckwheat, it has very strong molasses notes, and is similar in consistency. It gets its red hue from the red, iron rich soil the buckwheat grows in.

It is worth noting that this is the honey that famously smells of cat urine. However, this is a high quality, raw honey from Eastern Oregon and is as good as buckwheat honey gets. 

Our honey is always raw, with a very coarse gravity filter that allows all the food value to remain and the larger objects to be removed.  We never heat our honey beyond the natural temperature of the hive, so the enzymes remain in tact. Contains 24oz of honey in a 16oz jar.

Please note we no longer ship honey, but it can be purchased for in-store pickup at our West Linn location in Oregon.

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All items aside from complete hives & honey are available for shipping.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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