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Bee Cozy™ Winter Hive Wrap (Double Deep Brood Box Size)

Bee Cozy™ Winter Hive Wrap (Double Deep Brood Box Size)

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Made with UV treated polypropylene and environmentally-friendly R8 fiberglass, simply slip-on our wraps to successfully overwinter your colonies for stronger, healthier brood and bees come spring.

The Bee Cozy provides an insulating layer to help minimize heat loss from the hive over the winter.  With this assistance, the bees will consume less feed, and start off stronger in the spring.  The Bee Cozy also acts as a windbreak for windy locations.  

Combine with a Vivaldi Board ™️ with permeable insulation to allow hive moisture build-up to ventilate out,  Also, make sure the hive  lid has overhang to prevent rain from seeping between the Bee Cozy and the top of the hive.  Our Advanced Hive Cover is a great example.  

This winter wrap cover two brood boxes.

Shipping & Returns

All items aside from complete hives & honey are available for shipping.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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