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Bee Brush

Bee Brush

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A bee brush is a great tool to have on in your kit.  Whether you are inspecting your hive or harvesting honey, it helps you avoid squashing bees. This bee brush measures 14” long by 3.5” wide, and  fits easily into the pocket of your beekeeping suit or jacket.

The soft nylon bristles allow for you to gently sweep off bees from a frame without harming the bees. The handle has a comfortable grip, and is made of high quality wood. The yellow bristles of the brush make it easy to find in the grass or dirt. 

To keep the brush in top condition, regularly wash with warm, soapy water, and occasionally rub some wood oil such as tung oil into the wood handle. 

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All items aside from complete hives & honey are available for shipping.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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