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Raw Ponderosa Pine Resin (4oz)

Raw Ponderosa Pine Resin (4oz)

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Our raw Ponderosa Pine resin is sustainably harvested from our own pines. We planted thousands of these natives pines for habitat restoration. Now we forage the resin with respect for the tree health, which means we always leave enough resin for the tree to protect itself. Resin is a crucial defense mechanism against wounds caused by pests such insects and deer. Additionally, its antiseptic properties fight against fungal and bacterial attacks.

This resin is the raw material directly from the tree. It has not been processed to separate the oils from the rosin. It has many uses, from aromatherapy to skin care to wood sealers. It was greatly used by native Americans. Ponderosa Pine resin is highly aromatic with distinct vanilla notes, and we love the job of harvesting it.

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We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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