Formic Pro Mite Treatment (2-Dose Pack)

Formic Pro (2-Dose Pack)

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FORMIC PRO™  is one of the most versatile varroa mite treatments available. This is a 2 dose pack of formic pro. It leaves no residue in the wax or the honey, so you can use formic pro during a honey flow.  It kills mites under the brood cap, as well as mites on adult bees. It is made from all natural raw materials, an no mixing is required.


Formic Pro has an 83-97% efficacy and kills mites under the cap.  FORMIC PRO™ causes mortality to both male and female varroa under the brood cap as well as to the varroa on the adult bees. FORMIC PRO™  is to be used as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program.


Treat during the Honey Flow. Formic Pro leaves no residues in wax or honey.


Formic Pro is made from all natural RAW materials.


Formic Pro is ready to use. No mixing required.

FORMIC PRO is an extended shelf life formulation (24-months) and doesn’t require any temperature controlled storage.