Nucleus Colony pre-ordering is not far off, sign up for the waitlist here.

Nucleus Colony Waitlist 2021

Nucleus Colony Waitlist 2021

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This is the waitlist for our 2021 nucleus colonies. When you sign up on this waitlist, we will contact you in early January 2021 to confirm.  Our five-frame colonies come in a wax coated cardboard nucleus hive box.  They are raised in Oregon, with fresh queens, from a highly reputable breeder. 

The queens in these nucleus colonies are selected by performance traits, not race. We cannot guarantee the queen's race, but you can note your preference and we will try to meet it.   Pricing for 2021 nucleus colonies has not been set.  Once you sign up on this wait list, we will contact you in early January 2021 to confirm,

The approximate bee pickup dates are: (1) first week  in April, (2) second week in April, and possibly (3) first week in May.  These time frames are subject to change, but are typical of previous years.  Nucleus colonies must be picked up by 10AM on the pickup date. Any that are not picked up will be opened to let them fly, and the pickup will have to be rescheduled for that colony.  This will incur a $10 handling fee.  

All nucleus colonies are available for pickup only. We do not ship nucleus colonies.

All livestock orders have a $10 cancellation fee until February 28, 2021.  Livestock orders cannot be cancelled after February 28. We use a highly reputable breeder, but we do not guarantee livestock sales.

Please provide an email address and phone number. We do not call customers regarding nucleus hive pickup schedule, but the number is a useful backup in emergencies.  All information regarding nucleus hive pickup schedule will be provided on the website and to the email address you provide.

When picking up your bees, you are responsible for your own safety.  You will be entering agricultural property, and you must wear appropriate protective clothing.