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Deep Vivaldi Board™️ with Vivaldi Screen™️

Deep Vivaldi Board™️ with Vivaldi Screen™️

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This is a deeper (7.625”) version of the standard Vivaldi Board™️ (3.5") that has become a key tool in the Pacific Northwest in managing hive temperature and moisture. By increasing height, increasing the Vivaldi Screen™️ size, and adding more panel holes, the Deep Vivaldi Board™️ improves on all the attributes of the standard Vivaldi Board™️.

Increased Insulation and Ventilation:  The increased box height allows you to pack much more insulation compared to the standard Vivaldi Board™️. It also ensures the ventilation slots sit well above the insulation to allow free air flow. The combination of the three panel holes (increased from one hole in the standard Vivaldi Board™️) and the larger Vivaldi Screen™️ also improves ventilation.

Improved Moisture Management: The extra height ensures greater spacing between the insulation and the vent slots. This provides more space for the moisture to dissipate, thereby reducing the amount of moisture reaching the telescoping cover. This results in less condensation.  Additionally, the combination of the three panel holes and the larger Vivaldi Screen™️ increases the moisture absorption area.  

Improved Feeding:  The increased height enables you to fit feeder jars over the panel holes without needing to add a super to surround the jars. Additionally, the larger Vivaldi Screen™️ enables you to put more Drivert sugar or fondant in the screen.

The three panel holes greatly increase feeder access, allowing up to three feeder jars at a time. The holes are spaced across the width of the hive to enable good access regardless of where the winter cluster is located inside the hive. This is particularly useful in cold winter weather, when colonies can starve on one side of the hive because they are too cold to move to the food.

The Vivaldi Screen™️ can be flipped upside down for liquid feeding. This allows the jars to fit while preventing bees from coming through the holes when you remove a jar.  

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We strongly recommend painting the exterior of all wooden components with exterior laytex paint.

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