Multi Function Hive Tool

Multi Function Hive Tool

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This stainless steel, multifuncion hive tool helps with all jobs in the bee yard. It includes a frame lifter, multiple scrapers, bee box opener, frame cleaner, nail puller and even a hammer head.

One end of the tool has a flat, beveled edge that can be used to pry apart bee boxes. This end also has a nail puller and a slotted side  for frame cleaning.

The opposite end has a couple of different types of hooks:

  • One standard hive tool hook
  • A serrated J-hook that can be used to pry frames apart and to lift frames from boxes.

This end also has a side slotted queen excluder cleaner, as well as a removable hammer head on one side, which is  

Made of heavy duty stainless steel and with a comfortable wooden handle, it will last for many years. It measures 10.5" long by 2" wide.